Four are the values of our company Integrity, Teamwork, Quality and Respect, which are essential to help our employees lead. We operate in increasingly diverse markets, so a common set of values helps to support our future challenges’ and business benefits. 


We always do what is right to do.

We are fair and open to all

We do not walk after the wrong and the uncertain way

We always keep our promises

We support everyone who does the right thing.


We listen to each other and share our knowledge with pleasure

We live with passion our experience

We work in an excellent creative relationship

We act and feel as if we were part of a great painting


We fight every day to improve and exceed expectations

We go farther away to deliver an absolute quality product

We do not tolerate poor performance on ourselves or others

We do not compromise on security and quality

We constantly seek new and creative solutions


We are careful about how our actions affects others as well as the community

We treat everyone equally and welcome changes

We encourage everyone to reach their maximum potential

We appreciate the talents and abilities of others and help them grow further

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